Saturday, 7 February 2009

Where has the time gone

We have been here almost three months now. It seems as though we have lived here years rather than months. Settling in has been so easy with all the new things we are involved with now. All to do with the dogs of course. We train with Wye Valley and Tuffley Agility clubs. Wye being literally 3 miles away but in a very tight arena. This makes for quick command and body language control as the equipment is very closely set. Tuffley is about 30 miles away but a totally different type of training. Lots of space, wide angles and room to send your dog on ahaead. So the two trainings compliment each other in a way. We have taken part in The Great Western League for Tuffley. It is totally different from running at a KC show as it is a team event and even elimanations count. So far it looks like we are in the final in April. Two more matches, one home and away to do. Hope to be selected rather than reserve for the next one. We have also joined UKA for winter competing. To date we have done one show in January, temperature was -8oC outside. The jumping comps take place outside and boy was it cold. But Betsie rose to the occasion and came second in Novice Jumping. We have done 2 Agility Addicts since we moved but the journey is so long that we have not been able to do as well as we would normally do. It has been very cold too and the day has been too long. At the last one Luca was measured officially and is large. HA HA, considering he is towering above Mum now it had to be. We met Jackie there and Del stamped his paternal authority well and trully. Its quite amazing how they know their own even though they see very little of each other. He should be having his first agility training session tomorrow but with 8" snow, I dont think so. He has been doing the KCGC scheme locally but he is so far ahead of the other dogs that we have decided to go back to agility training for Betsie on Mondays instead. Luca is very well socialised and just loves to please. Can be naughty occasionally but generally bright and learns fast. We just hope that we are up to him. His temperament is so gentle and very persuasive. We still have to keep reminding ourselves that he is just a dog. The others are totally smitten with him and Betsie still spoils him rotten. Small as she is, she is still protective of him. The only time she really got cross with him was when she had a season just before Christmas. Luca showed a bit more interest in her back end than she wanted, so gave him a towsing. Wonder if they know? Anyway season finished and back to the serious stuff like agility. She is still not getting the weaves right, can pick up the entry from absolutely any angle but not mastered the swim action yet. Of course it has been impossible to do any in the garden with all the rain and now snow. Hopefully when it dries out a bit I can get a bit more practice in. I have reverted back to my old tried and tested method so hope it will achieve the right result.

Tigi is still as fun as ever. No more fits still, but think she might just be slowing done a tadge. But saying that she was very naughty last weekend, not waiting at the start and doing very much her own thing. Think Lucy just mught have been on her shoulder.

We have had Maddi and Tia round a few times, but Betsie is quite hard on the girls. Again is this a family thing? They are growing beautifully, not fat at all. Maddi has had her first season, so they are now just waiting for Tia to come on. Both will be speyed in about three months. We should have seen Deeba yesterday but the snow was too great for them to deviate our way. Fizz is growing up nicely too although we have not seen her since moving. Millie we seem to have lost contact with. We may see them sometime in the summer, but we will be doing mainly southern shows from now on.

We have quite a number of judging appointments this year, and I have been asked to do the KCIF, Am I chuffed, you bet I am. The calander is filling up rapidly now and looks like we will have very few free weekends. But what the heck, who knows how much longer we can go on for.

Thought we'd have seen a bit more family being down here, but so far only Graham and Alice have come. We did enjoy Christmas at Ken's and have visited Bill and Elspeth. The seem to be settling in too but need to get a lot of work done on their house.

Next month we have the wedding, a weekend affair. So have booked a chalet and will take doggies too. Great walks in Devon and beaches. We can visit Mike's sister Bernie while we are there and after that its caravan and hit the road for some good agility.

Some photos of the big lad now and the snow. Who knows when we may get another winter like this so we are making the most of it

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

We've moved

Well we have now gone and done it. The move so far, has gone quite smoothly. Have neighbours and a road with quite a bit of traffic now, something we have not had for over 2o years. It is nice having folk next door and most of the neighbours all have dogs of varying breeds. So there is lots of barking, dogs greeting every little sound so ours get lost in the music they all make. They are loving it here, being able to just walk down to the bottom of the garden, through the gate and straight into the Forest of Dean is just heaven for them. So much muck to roll in and the smells !!!!!!! Even the cat has settled. She came yesterday after being in the cattery for the duration and just refused to be kept indoors. So with bated breath we let her out just a day after arriving. Off she went and very soon a mieow at the back door, so let her in, only to be screamed at to let her out the front door. She then mieowed at the front door to be let out the back door. She certainly had us dancing to her whiskers. At least we know she knows how to get home which is always a bit of a worry when you first move.
It is now almost six months since the Delbets were born. The time has flown and we have been kept up to date with most of them. Luca is now bigger than Betsie by about 2 inches, but not quite as broad yet but still some growing. Apart from being useless on a lead, which is up to us never really having to need one till now, he is an absolute treasure. So loving and quite persuasive in getting his own way with the other dogs. Even Kizzie is besotted with him. He really has a lovely laid back very willing to please nature. So now we need to find some pet training classes for him to get a bit work without the others around to tempt him off. We hope to join Tuffley Agility next week so all seems to be slotting into place quite nicely. Meeting up with Tia and Maddi on the six month birthday for a few treats so some pictures hopefully to put up here. Been a bit slow with the camera of late, but had other things to do and now the time to make up. Till next time.........

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Moving House

We are very soon going to be leaving Wales for the sunny? climes of South Gloucestershire. Moving day is 18th/19th November, so it is very close now. Life is rather chaotic with most of the bits in boxes now. The poor dogs can find nowhere to rest their weary heads. Of course I want something and yes, Mike has packed it. Cant believe he is so organised. There is still quite a lot to do not least dismantling the dogs outdoor kennel. That is a massive job and has really to be left as long as possible. If the present weather continues though the dogs will stop indoors overnight as it is so wet and mucky in the field. They are not allowed in the paddock at the moment as it is just a quagmire. Yesterday made up for it though. We met up with Lesley and Andy and lovely Fizz Wizz at Cannock Chase for a three hour walk. The day was dry but a bit chilly. Not that that stopped the dogs. Fizz was very pleased to see us, amazing how they remember, and is now a lot more ladylike. She was very friendly and playful towards Luca not wanting to marmalise him one bit. Mind you, he has out grown her by quite a bit now so perhaps she realised that it would not be a good thing. Seriously though, Lesley and Andy have done a super job with her and also Missy and Holly probably played a part in it too. Fizz is very like Mum in colour and body shape but has lots and lots of naughty spots. She was like the others absolutely filthy on the walk but strangely she would not go in the water with the others to get clean. Does a lovely long jump. Talking of jumping, Luca has a lovely jumping action, yes I know he shouldn't be jumping yet, but he escaped from the garden, realised he may be in trouble and sailed back over the orange netting which is easily 3 feet high. I didn't know whether to be cross or praise him for such a beautiful jump. Needless to say I admired from a distance thinking this boy's gonna be good. He now has discovered tv and watches Dad and the others at Olympia avidly. Hope he's taking it all in. We had hoped to see Jackie this half term but poor thing she has injured a calf muscle and walking, running training is taboo for 8 weeks. Hope she's fit to run Thomas at Olympia in 8 weeks.
Ah well back to packing. Till the next post ta ta.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

We have managed to have a couple of reunions. The first at Bromsgrove where Jo, Glen, Del, Betsie and two pups, Fizz and Luca all met with the resulting photo. Jenny took many with the youngsters being a bit fidgety, but Gt Grandad and Grandad just lay there thinking, hear we go again more photos. Del was quite keen to see Betsie but not for the reasons she was intersted in yet !!!! Considering they see so little of each other, it is nice to see them meet up.
The second get together was at Dashin' Dogs where all six Delbets were there. That was a real hoolie when they were let loose. It was as though they had seen each other just yesterday, took up where they left off. Their individual personalities are developing now but the one thing they do have in common is their strength of character. They seem to be very quick learners and eager to please. Also very loving and love to be with their respective packs. All existing pack members have accepted the pups and look on them as their own. Mike and I are so pleased at the outcome of our first attempt at breeding. Mind you having the good paring in the first place was the best of it.
Dad has really given the pups something to aim at. He has become Agility Club Grade 6 Dog of the Year along with all his other achievements. Well done Del.
Mum is now beginning to look a bit more like herself, getting her coat back and her strength. A small step up the ladder, she has won again at Agility Addicts, so now has gone up to Starters. The really encouraging bit is her increase in speed now. Last weekend her times were about 3-4 seconds faster than dogs she had finished behind a few weeks ago. I have to watch her though, as she has started to jump off the A frame contact in her eagerness to get on. That would have been a second place had she got the contact and she hesitated on the top. So a bit of work to do this winter, as well as speeding up her weaves.
Luca, well where do I begin. Not five months yet and fully house trained, actually asking to go out, Catches balls first time bringing them back, walking backwards, (Jackie's advice) his waits are incredible and he is just so smart, keen and gorgeous. We keep telling each other that he is "only a dog" but even so he just is so special. All our dogs are special but with him it is different. Possibly because we have known him from the moment of birth. He has gradually worn Tigi's resistance to play with him down. She now adores him as much as Mum and Zak. Kizzie is OK but is a bit stand offish with the pack generally. If it aint agility, forget it is her philosophy. Even the cat plays with him. He is a thinker and works things out in quite a subtle way. He still keeps the "I'm a puppy" submissive stance to avoid any untoward confrontation.
The agility season outdoors is finished for this year and it has been a good year for us in many ways. Hopefully next will be as enjoyable .

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Family portrait

Bromsgrove, 20th September saw the three generations of Dad's side of the family together with Fizz and Luca. Dad was pleased to see Mum, and seemed to show a lot of interest in his offspring. Grandad and Gr. Grandad were a bit bored by the whole thing, been there, done that etc. But they all obliged to have lots of photos taken, just two shown here. Fizz and Luca seemed to have gone up a gear now they are officially allowed to walk round the rings. They are showing a lot of interest, watching and tail wagging. Meeting up with more pups at Dashin' Dogs this weekend so that is going to be quite exciting. Hope they all get on. Will post after the weekend with more photos I hope. Also hope we get the weather that we had last weekend. Gl;orious.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

KC Names

The KC have registered the pups and apart from Luca, all first selections have been accepted. Someone has Luca as a Kennel Name so I am not allowed to use it anywhere in his KC Name. So thinking caps on and my dear other half came up with an alternative which has been accepted.
So in age order the pups are now officially
1) Mylickle Mountash Millie (Una)
2) Mylickle Deluca A Gem Of A Lad (Luca)
3) Mylickle Maddi's A Hatter (Domino)
4) Mylickle Diamond Deeba (Dotty)
5) Mylickle Mizz Fizz (Poser)
and last but not least
6) Mylickle Snap Dragon (Cassie)

Meeting up with the pups over the next two weeks so hope to put some up to date pics on soon.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Life Goes On

Its a month now since last post. Life is a little less hectic only having the one pup. We have been able to concentrate on agility a bit more. There has been very little outdoor training with this awful wet summer but the odd bit of weave training for Betsie in the paddock has been achieved. She is very keen to get back to working again and is showing a bit more confidence. She has totally lost her coat and looks a bit skinny but everyone says how well she looks and has her figure back really well.
Shows have been a bit mixed this year with us doing such a lot of judging. I have had the short straw at each appointment with the wet weather whilst Mike has had sunny days each time. Not fair..... We qualified for the Team Dash Final with Gina and Carol as Maddicts A at Dashin' Dogs to add to the Laser Pairs Final at the same show. So Tigi has a first place rosette and lovely glass tophy. Not bad for a ten year old. I am so proud of her to be so reliable and still enjoying the competition at her age. In the Team Final we finished about 6th as our two grade 6 dogs both knocked a pole down, but really enjoyed the experience. In the Pairs, we finished up quarterfinalists which we were really chuffed about. Jackie had Del and Thomas in the final along with Deena's dogs. Unfortunately Del went out in the first round, but Jackie and Deena went on to win. Well done them.
Mike has found grade 6 a bit more of a challenge than 5 but is getting his head round some of the awful courses. The KC Festival had some real stinkers but it was a huge show, 18 rings, but they looked after the helpers very well. Not like Wilton who quite honestly should never get a license to run a show. They treat competitors and judges with contempt. Have no helpers, surprise surprise, and those few who do, dont even get a bap for lunch nor a thank you. I had two very willing assistants in Chris Adams as scrimer and Howard Weston as the general gofer everything. If you read this lads, thanks again. I had one other lady to pole pick and that was it. I did better than some judges. Needless to say despite their constant asking we will not be judging there again.
We have seen some of the pups since they moved on and I am so proud of them. We hope to have a 4 generation photo shoot at Bromsgrove weekend after next, providing the weather improves. Tia and Maddi wont be there unfortunately, but we will meet up with them the following week at Dashin' Dogs.
I have just used the on-line registration service at the KC and it was so easy. I was unable to get Luca's name as someone else appears to have it. So he has been registered as Mylickle Lucka, A Gem of a Lad. He really is showing great potential, very bright, full of fun and so far just lovely to have around. Do wish his Mum would not let him mither her so much though. Not too sure whether to interfere there. He is almost as big as her now and not quite 4 months old. Next weekend he becomes official with the KC ruling at shows, so it will be interesting to see his reaction round the rings. Next posting will fill in. Tea beckons so all for now.